Wow, it’s been days since I’ve been on here. I’ve been staying over at another Marine S/O’s place for the week. Her husband was or is, in the Wire but for some reason he’s zulu? Which what I understood when he explained it to us, he’s transitioning to a new team/just helping them out. Which ever of the two. Which explains why he’d been around for 4 days at her place. 

I will not lie, I did feel like the third wheel. Hah. I mean I do not mind but I do know the importance of “private time” with your spouse. Especially, being in a Military relationship and all-Also considering the fact that in their family they have a gorgeous 4 month old baby girl. I tried to give them “space” as much as I could. I’m not much of a fan of sleeping over for days at someone’s place. But, she’s helped me get around and I did accomplish a lot of necessary shopping I’d been putting to the side. In return, I figured giving her my company and tried helping her with anything the baby needed would be greatly appreciated. I love her. Haha.

Now, I’m finally home! I’m aware my apartment was also inspected today. No idea how that went (back to paragraph 2 on why I wasn’t home during the inspection). Truthfully, I’m glad I wasn’t here. Lol. Too awkward to have people just linger around but hope all went well. I’m thrilled to be home though!! On our outings, I did manage to buy a journal! YES! I’ve for soo long wanted to purchase one! And finally did! This may somewhat stop me from writing so much on here. Reason being, I may delete this Tumblr. I KNOW I ALWAYS SEEM TO DELETE PAGES! My excuse now is…………………. I like being on my rebloggy page more than this one.   I’ve seem to established myself well on there and just love the theme+ people I follow. I love starting new. But I will sleep on it and see if I want to really do that. I change my mind A LOT (if you haven’t caught up yet) so I won’t make any rash moves just yet. 

Side note: IT’S FRIDAY! Hope everyone’s enjoying it for I know I am! Soon will hopefully have my hubby home for a day off followed by a few more days until he’s officially mine for another two weeks. Haha. Sucks knowing there’s a time limit but no complaints. Just thrilled that I can hold him soon <3 Stay safe and peace and love!

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Encouragement of becoming a better wife.

Watching reality celebrities shows and seeing how spoiled, loud mouthed, ungrateful, and selfish rich wives are. Really makes me think back at how I treat my husband and I HOPE/PRAY I don’t ever become such a bitter unhappy wife.

With daddy being away for two weeks…. Guess it’s just you and me again, girlie. ♥

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I’m in love.

My husband left not too long ago…

And I’m sitting her dazed into my computer screen waiting until my eye lids can’t remain open anymore. With only 2 hrs of sleep and my eyes trying to focus on the screen- I’m developing a headache. It’ll be a good sleep once I pass the fck out though.

Once my husband leaves I always try to stay awake until my body can’t take it anymore. Otherwise, I lay in bed for hours- my mind running overload with thoughts. It’s the only way I can get a goodnight’s sleep. It’s definitely, a bad habit!!!

Here Tumblr have a distorded picture of my husband and I. 

Yeah, my laptop sucks at taking farsighted pictures…. &gt;.

Here Tumblr have a distorded picture of my husband and I. 

Yeah, my laptop sucks at taking farsighted pictures…. >.

You 2 are so cute :)

D’awwwhh, Thank you Love!! :D 

Anonymous asked: Because I am hanging out with my friend who follows you. And I didn't want you to get mad :(

Who’s your friend? I wouldn’t get mad but it’d just make it easier to send a private messages than filling up my dash with anon questions, lol.

Anonymous asked: Whats with the question mark babay ?

Why are you anonymous?